Artist, Dance, Hong Kong

yuenjie MARU

  • August 29, 2016

yuenjie MARU is a Live Performance Artist and Art Workshop Facilitator. He is currently the artistic director of a post-modern dance group“Danotcers”and an inclusive dance group“Symbiotic Dance Troupe of Centre for Community Cultural Development”in Hong Kong. He has participated in contact improvisation since 1997, and he is the committee member of the Hong Kong contact improvisation group “Kongtact Square”.

He got the DanceAbility Teacher Certification in 2012, and now he is developing the Symbiotic Dance based on DanceAbility. In 2013, he joined“The Underscore”workshops led by Nancy Stark Smith in Taipei and Hong Kong. In 2014, he and Mimi Lo formed the group “Maru and Mimi” and created a work called “Mirage Oasis” which improvising the Argentine Tango with Contact Improvisation.

In 2015, “Maru and Mimi” organised outdoor contact improvisation classes and jams “CI on the grass” in Hong Kong. In 2016 January, they joined the 3-week intensive workshop with Nancy Stark Smith in Earthdance, MA, USA. And then they organised the Global Underscore 2016 in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and also “The Underscore on the grass/beach”. Maru also teach CI in the Summer Camp organised by the Shenzhen Modern Dance Group.