Artist, China, Music

WEN Lv Yuan

  • August 29, 2016

Dake developed an early interest in music and played guitar at age of 9. He attended the Art Institute of China Coal Mine Art Troupe in 2001, studied Composition Theory in Chinese and Western Classical Music, and Computer Music Composition. He won the champion of PALM, a China’s electric guitar competition for professional guitarists in 2008.

Dake’s first professional breakthrough came in 2003, when he worked as both a guitarist and postproduction sound technician for a neofolk music series entitled MU LIANG WEN WANG 1, produced in collaboration with WANG Xiaofang, DOU Wei, and WEN Bin. He began to collaborate with the Beijing based Caochangdi Workstation in 2006, and has worked as live sound artist/designer and composer for the Living Dance Studio ever since. He is the composer of a number of performances of the Living Dance Studio, including Outlanders, Report on the Body, Listening to Third Grandmother’s Story, Father, and Red. In 2013, he also joined the band of Zheng Jun—a Chinese folk-rock singer-songwriter.