Artist, Dance, Hong Kong

Mayson TONG, Greenmay

  • August 29, 2016

Hong Kong grass-root dancer, life drawing model and percussionist greenmay founded Body Lab for Priori Tropism in 2012 to pursue improvisations that liberate the body from institutionalization and inhibitions; to arrive at a movement structure that carries self-reflection that is dispositive of the multiplex proprioception and historical consciousness inherited within the body.

Greenmay believes that “our bodies are highly socialized; our reasonable self-judgement is cheated by corporeality; we are not expressing ourselves but performing”.

His major works include Rustling of Discourse (2012), Habitat Here…and There (2014). The Great Wall of Memories (2015-present) will be staged for BODY.RADICAL Performing Art Biennial (Hungary) in 2017 and a Possible Path to Isonomia (2016-present), which was invited to stage at the Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM), re-run in Hong Kong and touring to the Low Fat Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)