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Mandy, Ming-yin YIM

  • August 28, 2016

MandyYimProtrait Co- founder of Y-Space, Mandy Yim graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Dance. She was the Hong Kong Ballet and City Contemporary Dance Company dancer from 1988 – 1996. She was a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship in 1996 to do her dance research in the USA.

In 2000, she is invited to create a site-specific work “Chop-Suey” for the Harare International Festival of the Arts, September in same year, was invited to attend the Norway Oktoberdans Festival & End of Millenium Festival and participate in performing arts festival of artists-in-residence program, has also been invited to Germany Delesideng Tanzwoche Festival Wishful Thinking Project, Korea Fringe Festival , India Kolkata Interface Festival, Australia Melbourne Beyond Butoh Fringe Festival, Beijing Dashanzi International Art Festival , Shenzhen OCAT Comtemporary Dance Festival & Hunan Changde , Poland International Comtemporary Dance Conference & Performance Festival, i-Dance Taipei, i-Dance Korea, i-Dance Japan creation, Hunan and Beijing of China for performances and exchanges, Yim’s teaching, performances and creation toured Europe and Asia and Africa of different country since 2009. Yim is currently the Education and Outreach Director of Y-Space.