Artist, Dance, Hong Kong

KWOK Hiu Ling, Elaine

  • August 29, 2016

Elaine graduated from the Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts in 2005. She has previously worked with Passoverdance in Hong Kong and the Art Fission Company in Singapore and is currently an independent choreographer and dance educator.

Her first Solo Of Mud and Dust was featured in Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2011, Guangdong and Beijing Dance Festival in 2012,2014 as well as International Dance Theater Festival Zawirowania, Warsaw 2015.

She was later commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to choreograph new solo performances, Melting Solitude II (2013) and Solo (2011) respectively . In 2007, she was invited to be the guest curator for the City Festival’s dance programme and her work, Let the Body Flow, was performed in Hong Kong and at the Patravadi Theatre in Thailand in 2008.

Elaine was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2011 for her work in Positioning.