Artist, Hong Kong, New Media

YEUNG Chun Yip, Adrian

  • August 29, 2016

AdrianYeungProtraitAdrian Yeung Chun Yip is one of Hong Kong’s most active independent multimedia designers in the performing arts. Yeung was originally trained in computer engineering at the University of Hong Kong. He worked as a software engineer prior to becoming a full-time multimedia designer in the early 2000s.

Since 2007, Yeung has contributed to over 50 productions and collaborated with prominent artists and arts groups in Hong Kong, creating work that explores new technologies within the context of theater production and examines the relationship between the world of mediated reality and the ‘liveness’ of performances.

In recent years, he has also branched into multimedia theater directing, including “Landscape of Ozu”(2015), “Antonioni Conjecture”(2012),”(No)rwegian Wood”(2010) and “Modern Times” (2016). He has been awarded an ACC fellowship in 2014 to observe new media and theatre arts in New York.