August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2015

August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2014

August 28

i-Dance (Japan) 2013

Since 2004, Y-Space has gathered the dance and improvisation lovers in Hong Kong and expanded the influence to Taipei (since i-Dance Taipei 2011) and Korea (since i-Dance Korea 2012).

Y-Space has been invited by Et Aussi Dance Company to the 1st i-Dance Asia Improvisation Art Exchange to continue connecting artists and to bring energy together in the Asian network. Since then, i-Dance Japan had been established in 2013.

Photo: Poster of i-Dance (Japan) 2013
August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2013

i-Dance (HK) 2013 had its focus on the 2009 concept of “Solo Creation & Improvisation.” Artists in different media from USA, South Korea, France, China (Guangzhou), Japan and Hong Kong were invited to lead open workshops, research workshops and improvisation performances. They included Kimiyo OGAWA (Japan), Er Gao (China), Sean SCANTLEBURY (USA), Celine BACQUE (France)、KIM Bong Ho (Korea), and Nancy Stark Smith (USA).

Photo: Poster of i-Dance (HK) 2013
August 28

i-Dance (Korea) 2012

August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2012

In 2012, the Festival was split into 3 parts: September Dance Improvisation Week, November Solo and Improv Week, and New Dance Marathon in December.

In September, artists from France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong gathered for a week to join programmes including workshops, conference and performances at Theatre Y and Y-Space Dance Lab. November was a week of workshops, solo performances and improvisation. Then in December, local artists from a variety of dance genres joined together in a dance marathon that lasted for days.

Photo: Poster of i-Dance (HK) 2012
August 28

i-Dance (Taipei) 2011

By the invitation of Ku & Dancers, Y-Space joined i-Dance (Taipei) 2011 to give a workshop and perform. The i-Dance Asia network started to develop from this point onwards.

Photo: Poster of i-Dance (Taipei) 2011
August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2011

In 2011, Y-Space became the “venue partner” of Yuen Long Theatre and extended i-Dance to the Theatre. During the month-long Festival, present were local and international dance artists alongside Hong Kong artists in music and interactive media.

Programmes included workshops, dance video screenings, round-table discussions, exhibition, and a “New Dance Platform” for local young choreographers.

The closing ceremony took place at o-veg at Tai Long Po.

Photo: Poster of i-Dance (HK) 2011
August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2009

In 2009, Y-Space revived the nerve endings of i-Dance through a little sponsorship, and so led to a world connection of i-Dance festival.

65 local and overseas artists participated in 12 performances, 2 seminars, 1 round-table discussion, 6 meet-the-artists sessions, 1 opening gala, 18 workshops, and 2 evenings of international dance video screening. The closing performance “Improvisation Land 23” took place at Nam Chung.

Photo: Poster of i-Dance (HK) 2009
August 28

i-Dance (HK) 2004

The i-Dance Festival was first organized as a self-funded venture by a group of HK independent dance artists in 2004. It aimed at arousing the public’s awareness of contemporary dance development in Hong Kong.

Albeit its small scale and 2-day duration, it was quite an occasion in the dance scene. It provided a platform for the sharing of creative work, promoted solo dance, improvisation and site-specific creations in Hong Kong, and facilitated conversations among artists from different parts of the world.

Photo: Opening Ceremony of i-Dance (HK) 2004